Modern business building
in the center of Kragujevac

The ideal place for business growth
is a pleasant and comfortable business space.

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Conference space for different events

Designed to bring together many participants and organizers
of the seminars, congresses, symposiums, trainings, presentations and other business events.

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A unique conference space
in Kragujevac

Multifunctional conference rooms have the possibility
of spacious adaptation to the needs of clients.

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Office space
in an exclusive location

In city center, close to government institutions, banks, hotels and highway.

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Business space designed
in an industrial style

The workspace is a reflection of the company.
Choose a productive and creative work environment.

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Office space in an exclusive location

W&W Imobilije has 3000 m2 of office and conference space in the center of Kragujevac.

W&W Center and W&W District are buildings of importance for our city, restored and renovated, with the aim of being the best place for realization of business potentials.

W&W Center is a modern business building with rich history. Towards the end of the XIX century, in a one-storey office building, the successful people from Kragujevac gathered here. There was an agency of the first banking institution in Serbia - Management of funds, and with its transformation into the building, the State Mortgage Bank continued to operate. In 1933 Executive Board was decided that there would be built new two stories building. From 1995 in the same building operated Komunalna Banka, which transformed into Credit Bank. During 1970 Jugobanka moved in and due to the increase in the volume of work the decision was made to further expand to a current number of floors.

The building of a rich history and tradition deservedly represents an object of importance for our city. The building was restored to shine by carefully nurturing the old spirit. In line with trends W&W Center is equipped in a modern and inspiring way.
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Kralja Petra I 26

Building at an exclusive location

In city center, close to government institutions, banks, hotels and highway.

Customer Care

We create an ideal business environment designed to the professional needs of our clients.

Additional services

Your time is valuable, so we provide support and services that encourage a better work environment and business results.

Customer care

Through a relationship based on trust, we take care of the entire operating environment of our clients.

We are dedicated to solving foreseen and unforeseen problems you encounter in business. Create a list of services based on your professional needs, and our team of experts will handle all agreed tasks quickly and efficiently.
Building maintenance
Hygiene maintenance
Organizing business events, seminars and conferences

Conference rooms

Modern conference rooms represent the ideal place for holding congresses, symposiums, seminars, trainings, presentations and other business events.
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Perfectly positioned and modernly equipped working space is designed with the intention to encourage productivity and creativity of employees.